ID Document Verification

Allow customers to scan documents in seconds, verify against the DVS.

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Simplifying Access to the DVS

Easily Implement OCR document scanning & verification into your application.

Prevent Identity Fraud

Prevents fake or stolen IDs to be used to steal identity, launder money, or buy prepaid sim cards.

Increase Conversion

OCR Autofill reduces friction of inputting document names and numbers. As well as

Meet Compliance

Meet regulatory compliance obligations and stay compliant, RapidID automatically stays up to date with the latest requirements.

Accuracy in 0.4 seconds

Our OCR technology works in all lighting conditions so that your users don’t have to worry. Allowing it to fit in with your onboarding flow seamlessly.
Continuous Auto Focus
Image Stabilisation
Engage full potential of hardware

Detailed breakdown

Multiple point checks to ensure a high accuracy rate.
Under/Over Exposed
White Spots
Data Compare
Template Match
Document Number Algorithms

The only identity platform that doesn't collect any data

All checks are run in real-time against core sources. RapidID provides only transaction records for audit and compliance requirements. Military Grade AES-256 Encryption.


We believe in providing the best service on the market at the best price.

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