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Verify humans in a human way.

An integrated all-in-one platform, offering real-time
anti-fraud prevention for a digital world.

The Complete All-in-One Verification Suite

RapidID aggregates leading customer verification technologies for flexible & seamless integration with your on-boarding & risk analysis monitoring. Mix and match which products you need for your business, all in the one integrated API.

Global ID Verification

Electronic Identity Verification for instant protection & compliance.

Anti-Money Laundering+ Background Checks

Domestic & International Anti-Money Laundering and “Know Your Customer” Compliance.

Document Verification

Allow customers to scan documents in seconds, verify against the DVS.

Biometric Verification

Confirm identity beyond a doubt, with Facematch & Liveness technology.

Industries We Power

From Fintech to Property, companies use RapidID to simplify customer onboarding, while meeting the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF).

Developer Friendly

Built by developers, for developers. A reliable, secure and scalable solution that gives you opportunity, not boundaries.

Gateway Service Provider

RapidID is a Gateway Service Provider, complying with the Attorney-General’s Document Verification Service (DVS).

We Don't Collect Data

RapidID is the only customer verification platform that doesn't collect data, which means zero risks of any data breach.

Evolving With You

Staying ahead of those who wish to commit fraud is our business. We're never standing still when it comes to security.

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